SA & C2

During active and dynamic military operations, TITAN – NORTAC Defence’s satellite-based solution – delivers affordable, global, Beyond Line of Sight communications solutions. TITAN Platform (HQ) enables commanders to make and communicate mission-critical operational decisions anywhere, in real-time, to military units who are Beyond-Line-of-Sight (BLOS), in rugged or austere terrain, outside cell and radio coverage.

Currently in use with NATO Defence forces.

Success in the modern theatre requires real-time communications.

Critical communication lifelines work when they're needed most — anywhere, in real-time – and they’re essential to blue force tracking (BFT) and meeting duty of care responsibilities. Powered by Iridium, the farthest reaching, most reliable mobile satellite communications network in the world, TITAN provides situational awareness and command and control in the most demanding, BLOS conditions.

TITAN’s patent-pending Short Burst Data (SBD) technology and TITAN Tactical (Forward Operating Base (FOB)) enables 2-way chat messaging between HQ and the FOB, and to individual soldiers or entire units. TITAN’s satellite mobile devices also enable 2-way chat messaging between soldiers. Track your troops and assets. Send and receive communications, including device-to-sensor connectivity and autonomous control.

BLOS texting, on a global scale, in real time. For emergencies and command and control at the tactical level. Less expensive than SMS.



NORTAC Defence specializes in the rapid deployment of in-premise solutions. Clients can be fully operational with TITAN's secure, robust solution running within their own firewalls, in 24 hours. Clients who are interested in having TITAN form part of a wider strategic platform for a nation state can develop the platform according to their own Beyond-Line-of-Sight strategy. This might involve integration to higher level C4i or BMS platforms, as well as integration of other devices and satellite, GPRS or radio networks.


Situational Command & Control of remote personnel and assets

  • Global coverage BLOS comms (SA & C2)
  • Rapid deployment
  • Scaleable (from 100 to 10,000)
  • Minimal training required
  • Fit for purpose security encryption
  • Affordable
  • Made in North America